Adding an admin to your Facebook business page is easy, and here’s how…

To add a manager to your Facebook business page just look at your page on Facebook as an admin and you should have these menu options across the top.

Click settings and over on the left side you’ll see a link for page roles. Click that and then right here is where you can assign a new page role. You can make someone an editor, moderator, advertiser, analyst or live contributor or you can also make them a full admin.

If you select full admin, you’ll get a little warning that says uh, uh, uh they could actually delete you, just worth knowing.

Typically, editor is enough. It’s also important to point out that if you choose advertiser that is not enough to give someone access to your Facebook add account, that is completely different.

If they are going to have access to your Facebook add account, you could add them just as an advertiser but then you’ve still got to add them to your Facebook add account.

All you’ve got to do is choose the level, put in their name and as long as they’re already a friend or they’ve already liked the page, then you can simply hit add after you select them. That’s it. Have an optimal day.

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