Adding a manager to your page is not the same as adding a Facebook advertising account manager. This video shows you how to add a manager to your ad account.

To add a manager to your Facebook Ad account, go to Facebook.com/ads/manager, and then click on that menu at the top left, the hamburger menu, and expand to all tools.

What you’re looking for are the ad account settings over here on the right. At that point, you’re going to click on the left for account roles, and this is where you’re going to choose to add a user.

This user does have to be either a friend or someone who’s already a manager of the business page, and then you can choose their access type right here, either a full admin, advertiser, or simply an analyst who can never place an ad.

Just start typing here on the left and when you see them, make your selection, and away you go. That’s it. Have an optimal day.

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