We’ve all known this day was coming for years now, ever since Google first started blocking the organic keywords from Google Analytics for signed in users back in 2011. We even got especially irritated after they started encrypting ALL searches back in 2013

For over a year now, the Google analytics for pretty much every site I’ve looked at, has shown well over 90% of the search traffic [not provided] – that is “hidden to protect users privacy” –  making that section of Google analytics virtually worthless.

However, until now there have always been a few straggler keywords which for one reason or other, Google hasn’t been blocking, and by this August it was up to 96% [not provided].

We’ve finally hit 100%

Well it looks like that’s about to change, because looking at a brand new clients Google Analytics, this is the first time I’ve ever seen 100% [not provided} organic keywords in Google Analytics for an entire 30 day period.

100% Not Provided

In case you’re wondering, going back to November does show only 97.6%, but this is what is showed for December.

I realize that only 78 organic visitors is a small amount of traffic, so I checked a few other sites to see if they’ve all changed, but they haven’t hit 100% yet…

Not yet at 100%


I suppose the global change for everyone hasn’t happened yet but I do think the day is coming sooner than you think. Do you have any clients at 100% [not provided] over 30 days?

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