As of now, it looks like this may be the last update needed. Last month I only needed to add six domains to my referral spam blocking segment, and this month there were even less.

March 2016 - Analytics Spam segmentGoing through the referral stats for nearly 40 client websites, I only found two suspicious domains, and neither of those registered any visits for at least the past two weeks.

I figured I’d update my Analytics Referral Segment one last time, and you can download it directly from the Google Solutions Gallery herebut you probably don’t need it anymore. 

I’ve included a few overseas referrers from another this great list, here are the referrers that I’ve added:

  • domain-tracker
  • ekatalog
  • veerotech
  • cutalltheshit
  • weburlopener

Is the Problem Resolved?

I really don’t know, and I’m not declaring it to be so, but the way things have been looking for the past month, this just might be the last one that I’ll ever have to update…  I wonder how they fixed it?

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