How to “Use Facebook As” Your Business Page

Are you accustomed to going to the drop-down arrow in the top right of your Facebook login and then selecting “Use Facebook As” and your business name?

If so, you may be surprised to find it missing one day soon, if it’s not missing already.

This has been going on for several months now,  and people have been running into this issue everywhere, and posting in multiple places for help on Facebook.

In some case its still “business as usual” where the user can simply change the option and “use Facebook as” their business, and the other Facebook has moved them to a new interface where they have to change identities on a case-by-case basis for every comment, post, or like.

Facebook seem to be converting users over VERY inconsistently, so I thought I would make a short video demonstrating the two different scenarios are for using Facebook as your business.

So? Is your own option to “Use Facebook As” missing?

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Scott Hendison:

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  • I still can't log in Facebook as a page even if i did what you say on video please any help ??

    • Can you send a couple of screen shots demonstrating that the options I describe in the video are not there?

      • sorry but I'm new on this site how can I replay with a photo do u have an email I can send you the screenshot ??

          • I mean that I know how to make a screenshot but what I don't know is how to upload image in comment ?

          • You can't upload in comments. You need to use that service to both CREATE the screen shot, then share the link to the screen shot which is shown to you immediately after you CTRL+V. It's free and it takes just a second.

  • When I reply to customers now through messages, it shows as my name responding and not the company. I'd prefer my personal account name not to show. Is there anyway to change this?

    • Have you changed the "responding as" on the right side, like the video shows? If so, then the name you see after posting is just for your reference - Who posts on a company page or replies to a comment etc. is ONLY visible to admins, so you as the business owner know which admin user posted on behalf of your company.

      • oh - Sorry - you said "through messages" - you mean through the messaging app? Yeah, you can't do that, you're right. Use the "Facebook for Pages" app instead of FB Messenger to respond messages.

  • Ah, I am glad I found this post. We have a handful of Facebook page management clients and this option was the best way of interacting with other pages as your business/organisation name. I've passed this onto the team, very much appreciated!

  • What a PITA! Thanks for this post though Scott it helped with my immediate issue but there must be thousands if not millions of people really frustrated with this change.

  • On the left of your page, go to "see pages feed" and on THAT page, top right corner, there should be a green box that says "LIKE OTHER PAGES" and there you can enter the FB name of the page you want to like and it will search and like it for you. Whew!

  • Brilliant, thank you for the advice - why the constant, frustrating changes though?! A necessary evil!

  • I don't even have the "comment as" option!! It's like Facebook doesn't want me to be able to use my business AT ALL!!

  • Thank you! I thought I was going crazy! Rather more labourious but thanks for showing us where everything is now. I just hope they sort out the pages app now as the newsfeed there disappeared ages ago and basically all you can do there now is post stuff to your page.

  • What a nightmare. So laborious. It also seems that via Android app it is impossible to use your page other than posting and replying to comments. So much more restrictive and unhelpful. Thanks for explaining!

We are all slaves to Googles wishes, like it or not.