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The Search Commander, Inc. toolbar is comprised of several sections, and will dynamically update as we add or change the content.

It can be easily disabled with a simple right click,  or re-enabled when you want it to be there.

The toolbar works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it covers a wide range of options.  Whether you’re a beginner that’s just learning SEO, or a seasoned internet marketer looking for backlinking services, there’s something in it for you.

The first section, “Learn SEO”, is primarily of beginner articles from my original SEO 101 section, and covers nearly everything a beginning to intermediate search marketer needs to know. The experts from GrowthBound Marketing can help you figure out the best digital plan for your growth.

Mastering the intricacies of SEO is indispensable in today’s digital landscape, especially for businesses seeking a prominent online presence. Whether you’re a novice delving into the realms of Digital marketing or a seasoned professional in search of advanced strategies, this toolbar offers a wealth of knowledge and tools. Within its comprehensive offerings, the “Learn SEO” section serves as a cornerstone, providing a treasure trove of beginner articles. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates essential elements of digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of services like goflow in optimizing online visibility and enhancing brand reach. With the evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying abreast of these tools and techniques is key to navigating the competitive online arena successfully.

It’s comprised of content I’ve written myself, and I’ve added some advanced SEO articles too, that deal mostly with linking strategies and education.


The next section gives you immediate access to all of the SEO Automatic original tools, which when developed, did not exist anywhere else.

There’s no fee for individual use of the tools at this website, and the plug-ins too, are all free with the exception of any agency brandable, or “white label” versions.


The next section, are my personal links and recommendations for services and tools covering every facet of Internet marketing.

Some are free tools and services, such as direct links to the most important Google services I use, and others include productivity, content development, and link building options.


Finally, I’ve added my own personal Twitter feed and blog RSS, so you’ll know when an item has changed on the toolbar, and if it’s a service you should know something about, I’ll typically write an explanation as to why something has been added, or possibly more important, why something has been removed!


Please bear in mind that while I personally do use every service on this menu, that doesn’t mean that every service is “right” for every website. If you look at some of the link building methods, you’ll see that I do recommend using some of them in great moderation.

Rest assured that everything on this menu is under regular use not only by me, but by employees of Search Commander, Inc. too. When a service or product becomes no longer recommended, it will be dynamically removed from this menu without you having to do anything.


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