This morning I had a button in my Adwords account to try the new Google Adwords beta interface, so I did…

This is my very first look at the new AdWords experience. I got an email for one of my clients and it said that he qualified for the new AdWords experience.

I logged into the account into my MCC, and sure enough, I have that button down in the bottom right on every single client. There is a little tour, which I’m going to go through real quick. It shows you where all the obvious stuff is. Wow! Lastly, it shows how to switch back to the old interface right there.

As you click through these menu items, everything’s really obvious. Campaigns, ad groups, ads and extensions. It’s not that much different, and it all seems pretty intuitive.

The search terms are up here on the right, though, now. If you look at your keywords to see the terms they actually search for, that’s hidden up there. The demographics are actually kind of neat. It’s a little more obvious, I think.

Everything’s right here, right down to the ad schedule, different devices, advanced bid adjustments, you change history is now down there on the left. Looks like modified columns is a different place each time. Yeah, it’s right there. Modified columns works quite a bit differently, but at least it kept my existing columns, I think.

Anyway, it’s pretty neat. Worth playing with.

Have an optimal day!

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