Google Search App Bug – Adding a Photo

I was at the airport last week leaving for Pubcon and tried to add an image from the restaurant I was eating at, but I couldn’t do it.

I Tweeted about the bug to Google My Business, who asked me to send them a DM with all the details, so I did.

They asked me for full details, and I explained over DM along with these screenshots below that if I use the desktop search bar from my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, using either text or voice to search for a place like this –

Then I tap the “Images” tab –

Then I try to “Add a photo” –

That’s where the bug incorrectly opens up “Maps” –

That is not what’s supposed to happen

Instead of opening my phones image folders for me to browse and add a photo, it opens up Google Maps to do a search for directions.

It’s supposed to open the image folders

This bug ONLY affects the mobile floating search bar, and if instead I use my mobile version of Chrome to go first to Googles home page, then I perform the search from there, everything works as expected, and this is what I see.

Who’s Bug is This Really?

At that point I was basically told “Not my department” and given another way to report the bug –


I’m fully confused as to how this could be considered a “Search Bug” but I went to the link she provided, then to the “Android” tab and followed these directions to report the bug as an Android Google App bug.

Here’s a Video of the Bug

Did Reporting it Work?

I really don’t know, since I got no confirmation email, but only time will tell. I guess we’ll eventually see if it did, and in the meantime, I’ll just remember this little glitch.

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Scott Hendison:

We are all slaves to Googles wishes, like it or not.