SERP Reporting Signup – Thank You

Thank you for signing up for the trial, and you’ll be contacted shortly from Interwebbing. Remember, any future billing, and your ultimate satisfaction will be entirely up to them, but if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Remember, they’re on UK time.

I’d like to give you two tips that will make your life easier as you add new domains to the reporting.

  1. The default is set to use over a dozen search engines. As you set up your clients, be sure to look at the “search engines” button after you’ve scheduled your reports. Choose only the search engines you really desire to track rankings for, otherwise, the size of the e-mail can be overwhelming. Otherwise, you can imagine the delay with many reports with 500 phrases for 25 search engines in an HTML message all coming into your mailbox Monday morning.
  2. As soon as you choose your first report date, 52 reports will be scheduled for the upcoming year on that same day every week. This MAY not be the day of the week you prefer, so instead, what we do, is schedule for the upcoming Friday or Saturday, then after setup, you can scroll back to the bottom and add one more to run immediately. This ensures that reports all come when we want them to – over the weekend.

Thanks again!

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