Free Site Review Submission – Thank You

Thank you for submitting your form, and I should receive the e-mail right away. If your site is selected for one of the reviews, you will be notified first by e-mail.

If you chose a paid review, rather than possibly sharing with your competition, yours will be prioritized, but payment will be required before delivery. The cost is a one time fee of $400, and is payable via Paypal or credit card.

Pay by Credit Card –

Or pay via Paypal

Unfortunately, the volume of submissions has become almost overwhelming, and I’m simply unable to get to them all.

In the event your site is not selected for one of the free reviews, then I apologize, and you will be sent an e-mail with an explanation as to why I am unable to review your site.

Generally the primary reasons that a site would be declined are:

  • A conflict of interest with another site or affiliate
  • A site that’s not in your own domain name, like, or
  • A complete lack of even the most basic fundamentals, which very few readers could learn from

In a case where your video has been accepted, you will likely see the finished product within seven to ten days.

Since I travel frequently to Internet marketing events with the (very) occasional vacation thrown in, my video creation abilities are somewhat limited. Therefore, at those times, I will reply with a personal e-mail letting you know my estimated date of return.

Thank you again for your submission and I look forward to viewing your website!

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