We’ve partnered with a national group of video specialists to be able bring you an affordable package of professionally produced video, so you can more effectively market your business.

Thee Videos include the following:

  • A local videographer
  • A two hour min video shoot
  • Legal (royalty free) music
  • Your logo and desired photos
  • Voiceover Talent
  • Editing & production
  • Cloud based storage

The Three Formats:

  • Profile – Introduce or showcase your business, product, or service – Download a PDF

A profile is an interview-driven video that showcases who you are, what you sell, or what you do.  We hold a conversation asking some predetermined questions, and covering a few topics and take live video shots all around your business. We combine spontaneous engaging moments and authentic interaction, you tell a story that is guaranteed to grab attention and connect with your audience .

  • Testimonial – Establish additional credibility with real customers – Download a PDF

A testimonial is an interview-driven video that employs your best customers to recommend and endorse you. It combines spontaneous engaging moments with unscripted authentic interviews to tell a story that grabs attention and connect with your audience.

  • Ad – An online commercial, that should include a strong call-to-action – Download a PDF

This is a script-based video designed specifically to solicit business from potential customers, seen most often on TV.    It combines a strong call-to-action (ie. buy something, contact us) with engaging shots of your business in action to deliver a compelling story that grabs attention and persuades audiences.

The Process: –

  • Single Point of Contact

We start with the first brainstorming session by phone and together we’ll fill out a short questionnaire, like this one for a profile video.

  • Producer –

After seeing the questionnaire,  we’ll bring in a producer via conference call, and confirm the topics and schedule the videographer visit.

  • Videographer –

A local videographer will arrive at your location with our notes and scripts,  and will follow the written instructions we have provided with our producer to do what they’re best at – creating art.

  • Editor –

After the videographer delivers the raw footage, they’re out of the picture.  We then work directly with an experienced video editor to consistently deliver a better product.

  • Delivery –

Within ten business days. we will deliver the videos in HD (1080i) and downloadable in MOV, MP4 for final editing or approval.

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After it’s done, what do you do with the video?

You can put it on your website, you can share it on Facebook, but what you really need is hundreds, thousands or even millions of eyeballs watching your video.

As a certified Google Advertising specialist,  I can help you with a YouTube video marketing campaign that can reach more people than television, at a fraction of the price.

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Actual Client Video:
We made two videos for Dr. Mutschler, a 30 second testimonial and a 60 second profile. Here’s one of them…