What Does it Cost to Work Together?

My Satisfaction Guarantee (at the bottom of this page) applies to all services, including all telephone consultations, on site SEO training, and monthly consulting with you or your staff.

The First Call is Free

Scott Hendison, speaking at PubconI’ll personally be your contact, so call and tell me about your situation.

Book an appointment, fill me in on the details, and I’ll give you straight talk about exactly how we may (or may not) be able to work together. Simple as that.

I won’t waste your time, and your first phone call is free if you schedule it here.

One Time Situational Analysis & SEO Audit $800

As a way of getting started, I offer a one time analysis of your online presence, based on the facts you provide.

From an internal perspective, we look at your internal site structure and setup, from your title tags to your web hosting performance.

From an external standpoint, we analyze your backlinks, evaluate your business citations  around the web, and take a look at where you stack up against your competition.

The audit includes two phone calls, a detailed written report, and a 15 to 20 minute screencast video. Our first call is for my own fact & history gathering, and the second call is a followup after my delivery of the video.

When an initial audit leads to further engagement, the entire $800 is applicable to the first month’s payment, if the engagement begins within 30 days.

Order the $800 Audit Here

Short Term Hourly Rate:

Sometimes you just need to ask a few simple questions, or you may need strategic planning for upcoming projects, competitive research, penalty analysis, or any of 100 other scenarios.

When that’s the case, nobody in the industry will be more forthright and honest than I am. If I don’t know the answer, I can get it. I’m the first person to tell you if we can’t help you in certain situations, but when that happens I can almost always guide you directly into the best path for maximum visibility and profitabilty.

Schedule a free 15 minute call, and explain the situation. For followup calls, or meeting “in person” or online, these are my rates.

SEO Consulting Initial Engagement:

  • $3,750* paid over 90 days for a single location brick & mortar business.
  • $7,500* paid over 90 days for either a web based or multi-location business.
  • After 5 locations the price increases on a sliding scale
  • After 90 Days, accounts may move to a monthly price (see scale below).
  • Money back guarantee* for each ongoing 30 day period

Monthly Pricing Based on GA Page Views :

  • Following the initial 90 day engagement
  • Under 5 locations &  5,000 monthly page views? –  $375 to $875** per location
  • 5+ locations or 5,000 to 50,000 page views – $1,000 monthly
  • 25+ locations or  50,000 to 500,000 page views – $1,500 monthly
  • 100+ locations or 500,000 to 2 million page views – $2,000 monthly
  • 2 million to 5 million page views – $3,000 monthly
  • 5 million to 10 million page views – $5,000 monthly
  • 10 million monthly page views & up – $10,000 monthly

On Site training and consulting:

  • Air travel & lodging expenses paid 100%
  • $1500 fee for one 12 hour day
  • $750 per additional 12 hour day
  • Meals and travel time are not charged
  • Speaking fees for industry specific events are often waived

Paid Advertising Rates:

  • One time $500 setup fee (waived for SEO clients) – Then choose your monthly PPC spending budget.
  • 15% of your ongoing monthly spending (cut to 5% for monthly SEO clients).
  • Fees cover initial keyword research, dynamic title and ad generation, and creation of a single optimized landing page.
  • Additional landing pages creation for different products and services may add nominal one-time fees.
  • Simple A/B  testing  is included
  • Multivariate conversion refinement may add nominal fees

Weekly PPC reporting:

  • Total $ spent
  • Total impression count
  • Total number of clicks
  • Itemized Conversions & Goals
  • Contact forms
  • E-mails
  • Scheduled appointments

Weekly Phone Call:

  • Anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes should be spent together weekly on the phone when we start.
  • After month two, this usually drops to bi-weekly at your request.
  • You should insist on these scheduled phone calls
  • They may be scheduled here

Local SEO – 90 Days

For a single location brick and mortar local business, the cost is $1,250 monthly for three months, totaling $3,750. If an initial $800 audit was done, that may be deducted from the last payment.

At the end of that 90 days, there is an optional ongoing monthly fee based on the needs analysis that we develop together.

For a brand new business with nothing actually “wrong”, or in need of “fixing”, and no desire to expand visibility, there is often no ongoing services required.

Multi Location SEO

You may have one location or you may have 1000, but they all need to have verified Google+ pages, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and perhaps 40+ others, that all show your name, hours, logo, location, etc.

The pricing varies significantly w/ the number of locations & Google accounts, along with the depth of involvement.

Speaking Rates:

I do support and attend lots of local internet marketing and community events, and speak at lunches and meetings for local industry, businesses, chambers and trade groups at no charge.

I am happy to come talk to your group, and for public speaking engagements there’s usually no charge for local events. For out of town industry conferences, I’m always honored to be asked, and of course I’ll be glad to consider it. Please inquire here

What Do You Get?

Your needs are unique. You may be a new business owner who doesn’t even have a Google account, or you may be a seasoned web marketer with  “unnatural link” warning emails in Webmaster Tools,  etc.  Our initial phone calls will determine your needs.

By the end of the first 30 days, you will have most of this:

  • Full site analysis to identify and remove 100% of your site’s technical SEO debt.
  • An established conversion process and Google Analytics goals.
  • Claiming of your Google, Yahoo and Bing listings for your local business
  • Monthly increase of  citations are ongoing (appx. 10 monthly)
  • A client dashboard login with access to everything in one place

Over our initial  “discovery period” we’ll do a thorough analysis of stats, and we’ll get to know you and your business better to develop our keyword research, that will identify areas of opportunity.

For All Clients:

The tools we use and recommend are Raventools, Bright Local, SEMrush, Spyfu, Majestic SEO, Moz, UBL, and our own SEO Automatic API’s.  Some of these tools are used to pull data from your own Google Search Console, Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts, so you own the data.

  • Ranking reporting
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competition analysis of your top 10 competitors
  • Backlink analysis of your top 10 competitors
  • Weekly phone calls
  • Actionable recommendations
  • PPC account history analysis & review
  • PPC management (up to $2k monthly spending)

If you do not have your own access to these Google services, they will be set up for you:

  • Google Analytics – to monitor traffic
  • Google Webmaster Tools – to maintain performance
  • Google+ My Business – to claim your local business(es)

After the initial setup, this is the ongoing process –

As needed:

  • I work to meet your goals and needs however you dictate.
  • Every industry and client is different.
  • All of my clients have my cell phone number, and needs vary wildly.
  • If you involve me and communicate with me, I can provide my experience based feedback on almost any aspect of the internet whatsoever.
  • I, (Scott Hendison) will be your only “account manager” and all consulting clients have my personal cell number.
  • I will communicate directly with you or your staff members to answer any and all questions that can’t wait for email.
  • Your participation and ongoing communication is the key to your ongoing satisfaction.


  • You schedule phone calls to followup on details and reports.
  • We examine your website statistics and Google Webmaster Tools account to keep the site error free and growing.
  • Search ranking reports are emailed weekly, and accessible directly though your client control panel.
  • Weekly scheduled phone calls during startup and launch phases are fantastic, and monthly calls should continue.
  • If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.  Please participate in the process.  Many people hire an SEO company and expect to have rankings rise magically, with almost no communication.
  • We look at your website, stats, and history, and determine how to make it perform better, and how to get more conversions from the visitors we do have.


  • We report the activity on your account, reviewing your progress, we analyze visitor stats, conversion rates, backlinking activity, and review visitor behavior and competitor analysis.
  • I personally prepare a screencast video, giving you and your team executive level feedback on the reports, providing additional details where needed. This prevents you from becoming buried in data and meaningless reports, and we can then cut straight to the good stuff by phone.
  • You schedule phone calls to followup on details and reports. These are optional but strongly recommended.
  • All too often the EXACT same advice, issues and problems come up month after month, call after call, due to IT departments, web designers, marketing teams, and executives being slow.   When this happens, I’ll be the bad guy, following up with your staff to endure that necessary work is done.

Content Development and Linkbuilding

  • We do not write your content or create graphics for our monthly retainer any longer. Google Panda has rendered “writing content for the sake of content” obsolete, and we are not providing this service any longer.
  • In the past, our linkbuilding and content tactics have been quite diversified and have included a vast array of resources.  Over the years, we’ve used everything from simple directories, to blogs, forums, Web 2.0 properties, private blog networks, third party services, article directories, and lots more. Those days are pretty much gone now.
  • Google changed dramatically on April 24, 2012 and although we no longer participate in anchor text link manipulation,  we didn’t actually stop until late 2011.
  • I’ve never had a client banned and to date, only three clients that I know of have ever received the dreaded “Unnatural Link Warning” email from Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) due to work we performed. Anyone that tells you they never had a client penalized, was probably not very effective in the first place.
  • We cannot solve your linkbuilding issues artificially any more.  Specific strategies cannot be shared until after we speak by phone, but your company has to be a passionate driver of good content.

What is NOT included for the monthly fee?

  • Programming (other than WordPress)
  • Graphic art (other than basic graphics)
  • Copywriting and content creation – ever.
  • PPC Management over $2k monthly

Most businesses prefer to use their own programmers, web designers, and in-house staff, but in many cases, they may not have staff available. When that’s the situation, we can take the reigns to get this work done.

Too Expensive?

If the rates shown here do not fit your needs, then you might consider an alternative, where you pay nothing until you rank for a given phrase. You might call it, “pay for performance”.

Search Commander, Inc. does *not* provide that option, but we have seen surprisingly consistent results provided by our affiliate, Rankpay.


If you want to schedule and pay for a phone appointment, you can do that here at my appointment calendar.

For convenience, you may pay invoices, fees or deposits right here, and you may do so for any of the following subsidiaries:

  • Search Commander, Inc. consulting
  • PDXTC.com hosting & technical
  • GetWPress.com WordPress services
  • FeedCommander.com server version
  • SEOAutomatic.com white label plug-ins

New Clients –

First make three equal payments over 90 days

New clients fall into one of two different startup plans, either $3,750 over 90 days, or $7,500 over 90 days. Any initial $800 SEO audit that was purchased may be deducted from payment number three.


(Paypal account is not required)


After the initial 90 days, you may subscribe to ongoing monthly payments:

Select the monthly amount that we’ve agreed upon over the phone, and we do have a policy of geographic – industry specific exclusivity. We cannot work with competitors of current clients, but we’ll refer you.

Payment Options


One Time Payments – Fill in the Amount

If you choose “one time payment”, enter the desired amount after hitting the button.


Order a one time SEO Review – $400 now, and $400 upon delivery

Includes an initial phone call, printable reports, a 15 minute video, and a 30 minute followup phone call.

Dont Want to Use Paypal?

If that’s the case, then please fill this out…

*Under certain circumstances, we offer a flat $375 monthly option with no “getting started” fee.   This effectively draws out the usual first 90 days of work over a period of a full year. Businesses suited for this type of engagement are typically brand new, have a new domain name, and have zero information about their company on the web.   
In these cases, our services are more limited, and improved visibility may not come as quickly; but it will come steadily.

**Lets face it, for some industries the competition is pretty fierce,  especially in local search. You want to rank for “Beverly Hills plastic surgeon”?  Good luck. That’s probably not going to happen. The fact is, your industry may be far too competitive, and ranking in the top 10 may not even be realistic.  If that’s the case, I’ll be very honest with you over the phone. We can’t work miracles… (unfortunately, those days are gone. 😉

Money Back Guarantee

If at any time you don’t feel like the advice, knowledge, and results that obtained from our engagement is well worth the money you’re spending, then we simply stop with no hard feelings, and I’ll refund you 100% of the previous month’s fees upon request.

If you ever feel that I’ve taken too long for a task, or something is not completed to your satisfaction, just say so, and a portion, or all of your previous monthly fee will be returned.

I value your business, but I also value my reputation and your future referrals, and have not yet been asked to ever refund a single dollar, (although I HAVE offered it myself on occasion! 😉