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Your Google Logins

I realize this is more of a resource than a tool, but Google only gives us this worthless dashboard, and this worthless products page, but both of them are incomplete.

The original Google account / product page at Google is still up for now, but only IF you know the URL.

Be aware though, that Google can’t be bothered to keep those links current or well organized, so it won’t surprise me if it disappears altogether someday, and that’s why I’ve made this page.

These links below should all work for you if you’re logged in…

AdSense AdSense

AdWords AdWords

AdWords Express AdWords Express

Google Adv. Professionals Advertising Professionals

Alerts Alerts – Manage  Help

Analytics Analytics – Settings

App Engine App Engine – My Apps

Audio Ads AudioAds

Blogger Blogger – Settings

Bookmarks Bookmarks

Calendar Calendar – Settings

Checkout Checkout

Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Sync Chrome Sync

Google Cloud Print Cloud Print

Code Code

Contacts Contacts

Custom Search Custom Search – Engines

Developer Consoles Developer Consoles

Docs Docs – Settings

DoubleClick for Publishers DoubleClick Publishers

FeedBurner FeedBurner

Finance Finance – Portfolio

Google Friend Connect Friend Connect

Gmail Gmail – Settings

Google+  Google+

Groups Groups – Subscriptions

Helpouts Helpouts

Maps Maps – My Maps

Merchant Center Merchant Center


Google Moderator Moderator

Notebook Notebook

orkut Orkut – Settings

Panoramio Panoramio

Partner Content Partner Content

New ServicePartners Service

Picasa Web AlbumsPicasa Web Albums

Google PlacesPlaces

Google PlayPlay

Google Play Music Play Music

Profiles Profiles

Schemer Schemer

Sites Sites

Subscribed Links Subscribed Links – Mine

Talk Talk

Trends Trends

Trends Trend Insights

Trusted Stores Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores Merchant Center TS Merchant Center

Google URL Shortener URL Shortener

Voice Voice

Google Wallet Wallet

Web History Web History

Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools

YouTube YouTube

Promoted Videos YT Promoted Videos

Get the Mobile App

This list above has been turned in to a free mobile app for Android



Google BuzzBuzz

Google HotpotHotpot


ReaderReader – Settings

iGoogleiGoogle – Settings  Add content

Google Squared Squared

Google BuzzOffers (died July 7 2014)


Missing Google Searches

These useful specialty searches on Google still exist, but google removed them from all the menus, and we can’t navigate to them anymore from anywhere I know of.

Google Blogs Search
Google Discussions Search
Google Images Search
Google Patents Search
Google Places Search
Google Recipes Search
Google Videos Search

My Google “How To” Videos







Services –
To add:
Query Explorer

My Business

Note that since Google gives us no app either, I also made this page into a free Android App, but Google disabled it at Google Play.

That was the second app we had disabled, after this Google Play app was removed because we used the associated Google logos.